Daiprox® protects your implantable device against impacts.

"Your well-being deserves the best protection. Daiprox not only safeguards your medical device, but also gives you the peace of mind you're looking for. Discover the difference today."

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  • D3O® materials

    D3O® is a low-density, non-toxic material. Light and easy to carry, it stands out for its high impact absorption power since when it is subjected to a sudden force it absorbs the impact, dissipating the energy.

  • Proceso de fabricación de Daiprox en Valencia.

    external structure

    The external structure is made of a modern three-layer material that stands out for its great elasticity and breathability, being easily washable while dissipating excess sweating.

  • innovation process

    The basis of the project is continuous innovation in materials and solutions, supporting and promoting knowledge of the reality of patients with this type of devices.

  • Extraordinary San Juan de Dios Foundation Award for the best innovative health project 2021.

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  • 2nd Expansión 2021 daily prize for the most innovative startup of the year in the Health category.

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  • Participation as a speaker in the innovation week at the Vall Hebron Hospital in Barcelona.

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  • Finalists in the 2023 Best Invention Award.

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